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Its coming up quickly. Viewfinder #2 is set to open 16th of April. If you are interested in putting works up, or know someone who may be, then be sure to pass this on. Submission guidelines are below. Email if you have any further questions.

- The photo must be your own, and by submitting it you are giving us permission to use it on our site, both here and in the gallery.
- Please submit images that have been taken and processed on film camera's only (standard size photo's 6x4 and smaller please).
- We are looking for photo's (35 120 110mm etc) taken with Old SLR cameras, Polariod, Holga, Demekin, Blackbird and the like.
- You can submit up to 5 photo's, these will ALL have to have your NAME AND PHONE NUMBER ON THE BACK OF EACH PHOTO.(include blog, flickr, photobucket, web info….if you want)
- We will endeavour to use all photo's submitted, but this will not be guaranteed.
- The photo's will be hung and sold in good faith and the gallery does not take responsibility for any loss/damage that may occur during the exhibition.
- All photo's in the show WILL BE FOR SALE
- The show will open on a Thursday the 16th of April and run through to the 23rd.
- All photo's and or money can be collected on the Monday from Nine Lives after this date.
- The show will be hung with photographers details ONLY on the backs of photo's because of the number of photos. We feel this will help some of our younger and those shy budding photographers out there to get involved (hey they will have to buy your photo to find out who you are!)



Things you can do from here:


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