Monday, March 22, 2010

McWisdom from McGinley

“I think masturbating is the most creative that you’ll ever be. You’re creating this whole scenario in your head for just, say, five to ten minutes, just to please yourself. And people do it every day and don’t realize how it’s a total art form. Does that sound gay? No, but it’s true! All these insane thoughts go though your head, like all these crazy mass images and information, like creating people that you’re really into, creating this whole situation in your head, like of your best friend you grew up with, or your high school gym teacher or whatever, just to have an orgasm! And that’s awesome; that’s what photography is about, making images to please yourself.”

- Ryan McGinley, Oyster Magazine, 2003 (via fuckyeahryanmcginley)

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