Sunday, March 7, 2010

Antony Micallef

This reminded me of maryann's work a bit.


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via we find wildness by (sophie) on 1/25/10

Diety. Oil, charcoal and acrylic on linen. 140cm 140cm

Hobo angel2. Burger King. Oil on canvas. 100cm x 80cm

Mythic weapon triptych. Uzi lover 1 detail. Oil on canvas: 141cm x 161cm

The girls in pink. Oil,acrylic and charcoal on paper: 100cm x 80cm

21st Century Love. Oil, acrylic and charcoal on canvas. 140cm x 140 cm

British artist ANTONY MICALLEF appeared on the art scene in 2000, winning second prize in the BP National Portrait Award. Dealing with the subject of portraiture, human forms are placed in artificial, unnatural environments that are influenced by popular culture in the forms of fashion, music and design.

Deeply troubling, ANTONY's work examines our dichotomous relationship with consumerism, examining how we can maintain to despise multi-national brands yet still allow ourselves to be seduced by them. "The trouble with pop imagery is that it doesn't really go deeper than the surface" he says. "You have to drag it down and challenge it to make it interesting. When you put two contrasting images together, it causes friction, and that is the bit I'm interested in. Play a Britney Spears track and then follow it with a Nine Inch Nails tune - Britney no longer sounds the same, the union of two opposites make an intriguing and strange chemistry."- by Gallery Nosco

"My work is like watching a Disney movie which slowly turns into violent pornography." by


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