Thursday, October 15, 2009

290: Get inspired!

Motion- you can do it too!

This photo was a finalist in the 2009 INTERnational Krappy Kamera Competition, a contest open to photographers of all skill levels. You don't have to be a professional to do cool stuff with your camera!

photo: Danielle Hughson HM 

Click here to check out the winner's gallery.


Jamie Livingston took a photograph every day for 18 years with his Polaroid SX-70. Check out the online catalog of his daily documentations, compiled by the photographer's friends after his death, and read this blog article that explains the project a bit more in-depth. Although not all of Livingston's images are self-portraits, this could inform your work as you continue with your one-a-day self portraits. How can you examine the same subject (yourself, your environment, your friends) over and over again in different ways?

Some of Livingston's self-portraits for your consideration...




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